We are not attempting to get you to give up alcohol and we do not provide a counselling service.

  • The course explores alcohol and driving.
  • You will assess levels of alcohol use including your own.
  • You will understand alcohol units, the issues associated with calculating units and how little alcohol it takes to be over the limit ‘the next day/morning after’.
  • You will look at the possible effects alcohol can have on your health both short and long term.
  • You will find out how you can be arrested for a ‘drink driving’ offence even by sleeping in a car after drinking.
  • You will explore the possible impacts of drink driving for both yourself and others.
  • You will be introduced to the decision making process and the possible sentencing outcomes that Courts go through in drink drive cases and look at the sentencing guidelines.
  • You will be given details of how to apply for your licence back.