Please note the following:



Your Referral:

  • Bookings cannot be made for this course unless you have been referred to LTP Driver Training by a Court after you have been prosecuted for an offence linked to Drink Driving. For courses other than this format contact LTP.
  • Once a referral has been made you will receive a letter from us containing an LTP Driver Training reference number.
  • It is your responsibility to check documentation and contact LTP Driver Training if you believe any details are missing or incorrect.

Booking your course:

  • You will receive confirmation of your course within 7 days of your booking.
  • If you have not received confirmation within 7 days you should contact LTP Driver Training Tel: 01476 515936 or Email:
  • You will need to provide us with a valid e-mail address at the time of booking as the majority of correspondence will be made via e-mail.
  • Please ensure you check your emails for correspondence from LTP Driver Training. If you do not receive your e-mail confirmation within 7 days of booking please contact LTP Driver Training Tel: 01476 515936 or Email:
  • Course Fees; Courses start from £130 subject to location and venue (option to pay in 2 instalments).
  • If you decide to pay in instalments you will not be able to book online and will need to contact the bookings team to make the arrangements. Please note that to secure a place on a course you must make an initial minimum payment of 1 instalment. This is non-refundable and non transferable within 14 days prior to the start of the course commencing.
  • All payments must be in a maximum of 2 instalments.

Rearrangement/Cancellation Fees:

If you wish to alter/cancel your course date and time the following criteria apply:

  • Once a course is booked, a £30 rebooking charge will be incurred for any changes made by you regarding the course dates – (providing there is sufficient time within your completion date set by the court). If you wish to cancel or rearrange your course once booked there will be a £30 fee to rebook providing it is no less than 14 days prior to the start of the course.
  • Non attendance or cancellation within 14 days of the course commencing will result in the course fee being forfeited and a further full course fee will be charged to book another course. Under no circumstances will any refunds be given.
  • Occasionally LTP Driver Training may have to cancel a course when we have insufficient people wishing to attend. If that happens we will give you at least 20 days’ notice of cancellation and you will be offered an alternative course providing there is sufficient time before your completion date, as set by the court at the time of sentence. No rebooking fee will be charged. Should we cancel a course you have the right to transfer to another provider. In this instance a full refund will be given.
  • If you have booked on to a course and paid at least the first instalment, then you would be subject to a £50 transfer fee should you wish to transfer to another provider.
  • Concessionary rate for Armed Forces can only be applied once.

Additional Requirements:

  • During the booking process you will be asked if you have any additional requirements. If no such requirement has been identified and provisions sourced prior to the course commencing, LTP Driver Training will not be held responsible for failing to provide these requirements.
  • Additional literacy requirements must be identified at the time of booking.
  • The course is provided both verbally and in the written English language. It is your responsibility to provide and pay for an interpreter &/or BSL signer (minimum age 18 years) if your command of verbal &/or written English is such that you would have difficulty in understanding the course.
  • The place for an interpreter(s) &/or signer(s) will require payment of £70 each.
  • If you do attend a course and the trainer deems that your interpretation &/or understanding is not of a satisfactory level, you will be excluded and no refund will be given. Providing there is sufficient time before your completion date (as set by the court at the time of sentence) and you wish to book a further course, the full course fee will be payable including the additional interpreter(s) &/or signer(s) fee of £70 each.
  • Please contact LTP Driver Training or ask someone to speak on your behalf if you have any queries relating to this or require further clarification.

Attending the course:

  • Please ensure that you arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the course, for registration purposes.
  • Sufficient ID is required on the first day of the course. Impostors will be found out and reported to the police.
  • Late arrivals will be turned away. All courses start promptly and failure to arrive on time will result in your exclusion.
  • It is your responsibility to leave plenty of time for your journey.
  • You must ensure you can attend all of the 3 days of the course you have booked.  If this is interrupted and there is a good reason, then LTP Driver Training may transfer you to another course or if they are able to, provide a catch up session within a group environment.  You will be required to pay again (full cost) for re booking onto any new course.
  • You must attend in a fit state to participate. Any evidence of alcohol or use of illicit drugs will result in the removal from the course and a Non Completion being issued. You will not be offered another course.
  • You must participate fully in the course sessions as required.
  • If you wear glasses please bring them with you.
  • Disqualified drivers caught driving to or from the courses will be excluded and reported to the police.
  • Electronic devices must be switched off for the duration of the course.
  • No children (under 17’s) will be admitted to the course.
  • Any use of abusive, foul language or threatening behavior towards LTP Driver Training staff or other course members at any time, will result in your immediate removal from the course, you will not be given a refund and a certificate of non completion will be issued.
  • LTP Driver Training cannot be held responsible if there are any other material offences which may affect the early return of your licence.

Online course guidelines:

  • Have a stable internet connection, 4G may not be strong enough
  • Have a basic knowledge of using Zoom or any similar video software
  • You must use the video and audio functions at all times and be in view of the camera
  • You must be alone when the course begins to ensure confidentiality of other clients attending
  • Keep yourself away from any distractions during the course, full attention and participation is required
  • Do not move around the room while the course is in progress, regular breaks will be given
  • Any recording equipment must be switched off
  • Do not drink alcohol or be under the influence of any drugs

Any violation of any Terms and Conditions stated may result in a Non Completion Certificate being issued.


All information supplied will be held by LTP Driver Training (Lincolnshire Training Providers LTD) and protected according to our legal and regulatory requirements. Your details will not be passed onto any third parties or used for marketing purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).


  • If in the unlikely event you feel we have not met your requirements please request a LTP Driver Training complaints form from
  • If you feel your complaint requires further action after LTP Driver Training have responded to your initial complaint you can contact
  • Further information about drink drive rehabilitation courses may be found on the Department for Transport’s website.