By completing a DDR course you can reduce your ban by up to 25% meaning you are back on the road sooner.

There are many different circumstances leading to people being convicted of drink driving. If a person is convicted of an offence involving drinking and driving, the Courts may offer you the opportunity to attend a rehabilitation course. The drink drive rehabilitation course is an alternative sentencing option for drink drive offenders.

The rehabilitation course is not intended to punish you further. You will already have been disqualified and probably fined for your offence. The purpose of the course is to teach you about the effects of alcohol consumption and a range of issues will be covered, including information about alcohol and its effect on the body; the effect of alcohol consumption on performance, future action and sources of advice.

There are many benefits to be gained from attending the course but the main reason is to reduce the chance of a person offending in the future. Research linked to the course shows that after 6 years, 17% of offenders who did not attend were prosecuted again for drink driving compared to 7% of those who did attend and complete the course.

If you have been offered the opportunity to attend the course by the sentencing court, the court and DVSA (The Driving Vehicle  Standards Agency) will provide the details of the course providers in your area. You choose who to book your course with. You can do this before going to court, just ask the Usher or your Solicitor to refer you to LTP Driver Training and we will take care of the rest when we get your referral from the court.

Courses are generally held over a 14 day period and must cover a minimum of 16 hours over 3 days.

In special circumstances ie. military personel, persons living or working abroad, or difficult shift hours, persons living in remote locations it may be possible to apply an exception. Please call our office to discuss your personal circumstances should this be the case.

Courses start from £130 subject to location and venue (option to pay in instalments). For more information on courses that are available please click here or contact the team on 01476 515936.



LTP Driver Training is operating its courses as normal during this difficult time, if we do experience difficulties with venues that close down at short notice, then we will endeavour to find a new venue, it is important if you are attending a course to check your email regularly to make sure you are aware of any venue changes.

We are now offering fully online courses. These courses are subject to availability, please call us on 01476 515936 for more information. The schedule for each individual course will be explained when you make a booking. Online course guidelines can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.


Testimonials from course attendees:

“Both tutors delivered the course at an excellent pace and made the course rewarding”     (April 2014)

“Thank you for the knowledge + not judging us. The course was easy to book, a fair price, local and really informative”    (March 2014)

“Great course made me think alot about what I’d do in the future”   (February 2014)

“I specifically chose LTP as I considered I would be offered the best and most diligent customer service and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. When dealing with an exception circumstance I really felt that you focused much attention on resolving the situation.”  (October 2015)
“Expected the course to be 100% negative & feel like another punishment, however could’t have been more wrong! Trainer made the course very enjoyable and it was a pleasure meeting others in a simular situation to me” (May 2015)